Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Touch The Feel Of Cotton (Candy)

If you'd asked me earlier today I would have been convinced that Alex had tasted the melt in your mouth goodness of cotton candy before. I mean the kid is 2 years old! What kind of dad would I be if I didn't give my baby some cotton candy! Yet there we were offering him some tonight at the Helen Keller parade and he just kept staring at it that got me wondering what he was staring at it like and here's the best I can figure:

1) He thought is was a piece of cloth. He was sorta looking at it all confused and I'm thinking he thought it was basically a pink t-shirt wrapped around a stick. I can understand this because after all they do call it COTTON candy. It looks like pink cotton. It looks like pink couch cushion foam on a stick.

2) In some ways it looks like a spider web yet it melts the moment it gets wet and is very sticky. I wonder if he thought we were trying to feed him pink spider web on a stick?

Either way he wasn't having any part of it and unfortunately so as not to waste I had to finish it for him. So this still leaves me wondering; did he think it was literally a piece of cotton on a stick or were we trying to feed him spider webs?

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