Sunday, February 10, 2008

Religious Disconnect

I am not the perfect Christian. Those of you who know me know that my hearts in the right place and at times I'm as faithful as they come. Unfortunately my faithfulness comes in waves complete with valleys and peaks. One month I may be teaching a class on Wednesday nights....3 months later you may not even see me there mid-week. This is not something I'm proud of, but again those of you who have met me know I'm brutally honest and often too blunt for my own good. Recently though I feel the need to be inspired. I wanna walk into that building every time the doors are open and thank God I have such a great place to hear HIS word. I wanna forget what time it is or what I'm missing out on elsewhere and enjoy the message being given. The thing is......I just don't.

We've thought about changing churches (even did for 5 months last year) but eventually we missed our family and friends too much. And to be honest it's not completely the churches fault I don't feel inspired....well not completely. I'm tired of not relating to what is being preached to me. As you've probably read in my "About me" section, I'm an average Joe. Everyday I get up at 6:00, by 6:30 I'm eating a bowl of cereal while watching the news. Daycare at 7:30. Work at 8:00. Home at 5:30. It's probably not as monotonous as I make it out to be (after all I'll have a 2 yr-old in a month), but my point is I'm not surrounded by Fire and Brimstone all day. The world around me is a swirling mix of Pop Culture Chaos, Election Results, Casualty Reports, Housing Concerns, and Missing Children. My days are filled with Potty Training, looking for Freelance Work so I can bring in some extra cash, and completing Letters Of Credit (I work in Accounts Receivable). Now I know that God's teachings are still relevant, I just wish somebody would relate them to me.

This isn't a dig at this preacher or that guest speaker, because I've heard several over the years and lately they all have the same sound.WAWAAAA WAWAAWAAA WAWAAWAAWAAA. What I want to hear. What I want to feel is PASSION!! CONVICTION!! At this point I'd settle for A CHANGE IN TONE. I want somebody to stand up there and tell me that Book (Blank) Chapter (Blank) Verse (Blank) relates directly to mall shootings by way of (Blank). I want to hear how a tornado can inspire faith in God. How a Presidential Election is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

Then again I wonder....if I was given what I wanted would I even listen? And who's to say I am and I'm not.


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