Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Does God Own A Laptop?

I wrote Religious Disconnect after church mainly out of frustration of not being inspired. I admit I'm responsible for most of the blame when it comes to my current religious frustrations, but I those were/are my feelings and I feel my concerns about the direction of the church are justified.

As you may recall, my exact words were "The world around me is a swirling mix of Pop Culture Chaos, Election Results, Casualty Reports, Housing Concerns, and Missing Children. My days are filled with Potty Training, looking for Freelance Work so I can bring in some extra cash, and completing Letters Of Credit (I work in Accounts Receivable). Now I know that God's teachings are still relevant, I just wish somebody would relate them to me."

Would you believe it if I didn't walk into church Wednesday night to find that a new class was starting that very night revolving around these very same issues?! It was amazing, interesting, thought provoking, and it held on to Biblical fundamentals while at the same time pulling in current topics. Talk about amazing..God is amazing!


Anonymous said...

No! - He does not have a laptop...I told Him you were griping again...see what you get - Ha, Ha.

Glad to hear things are on the upswing for ya'll - can not wait to see you in March.

Freezing in MI

Julie said...

That is pretty neat about the new class. Talk about one of those freaky feelings. I think he has a laptop. :)

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Jim said...

I gotta hear more about this class.