Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Anatomy Of A Hospital Visit (Tuesday Night)

This is Part IV of our trip to the hospital last week. To catch up, please go back and read Part I, II, and III.

4:00 P.M-The verdict is in. Fred has phenomena and will need to be pumped full of antibiotics.

5:30-Carter shows up. Fred returns back to normal in time to see his best friend over the age of 20.

6:30-Cheeseburgers for dinner. Fred can't sit still and keeps setting off the alarm that warns his IV is in danger of coming out.

7:00-A storm comes through knocking out the power. Lucy is staring out the window when the lightning flashes. She screams and swears she's seen the ghost of my Stepfather (who died this coming week in the same hospital)in a window across the way. I take a peek and sure enough it looks just like him; though it's merely some guy looking out from the cafeteria.

7:15-Neil and daughter Lauren from church show up.

8:00-Dr. returns and gives us a double dose of good news. We can go home the next day and Fred's IV can come out!!!

9:00-With the IV out, Fred  is completely back to normal and begins to feel the walls of the hospital closing in.

10:30-Bed time. Fred falls asleep watching Blue's Clues

Just one more installment to go. Check back in the morning to see how it all ended!!

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