Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Anatomy Of A Hospital Visit (Wednesday Morning)

This is the last installment of how our lives were turned upside down last week and how God reminded us of what's most important. To start the journey from the beginning check out Parts I, II, III, and IV.

4:30-A.M-Lucy wakes up to a crippling ache in her back and regrets wanting to lay with Fred on the tiny bed. She asks, but there's no way I'm giving up the pull out chair.

5:30- The air we turned on at 7:00 P.M the night before decides to kick on and turn the room into something resembling the North Pole.

6:30-Lucy sees him first. He must have called her name and tugged on her pants leg. Me? I roll over in my sleep, blink like people do, and am scared to death by the Dr. staring at me inches away from my face. The words we have been dying to hear come are said "You can go home this morning after a shot. Fred, though not completely over the phenomena, is well enough to take med's at home."

8:30-Snatching a bottle of shampoo from the counter Fred begins chanting "BATH BATH BATH BATH BATH" until we get the nurse's approval. It's all we can do to not cry as we all sit in the tiny tub watching him play in the water as if nothing ever happened.

9:00-As if something in his chemical composition has change from the virus that took control, Fred decides he wants bacon and eats 8 pieces in a row. This is the first time he has ever eat anything other than chicken or bologna.

10:00-Sure it meant one more round of screaming, but the shot of medicine also signaled we could finally go home.

11:00-Fred gets a wagon ride out of his room, down the elevator, and to the car.

11:05-Safe in his car seat for the first time in days, Fred does what we would all do in his situation....he falls fast asleep

2:00-Fred wakes up and walks past the Riding Zebra his Gigi got him for Christmas. He walks past the Backyardigans Circus, his mom and I gave him for Christmas. Past the Spiderman Sing-a-Along Pal from Nani. With all the toys and gifts any kid could ever want at his disposal, Fred jumps up and runs for the one toy he has spent days yearning for. A 50 cent Rubber Ducky. With things moving so fast, Lucy and I decide we are in shock, nothing else matters in life but our son, and it's good to be home.


Anonymous said...

Having enduring an IV (it took me, james and 3 nurses holding her, plus the velcro board to get it in) and a 5 day hospital stay and 1 (so far) ER visit (on my birthday last year, no less) I can feel your pain. Why can't we just have the pneumonia instead, huh? Glad Fred is well again and Mandy is enjoying her new job. Love you all!-Kim

the weirdgirl said...

I'm so glad he's doing better and is back home!

I can't believe you had to wait that long for a diagnosis of a virus and pneumonia! Not that those aren't serious, but my son had the same when he was just over 1-years-old... they originally thought he had meningitis... and he still was only in ER for 10 hours.

adventureDad said...

I guess I shouldn't complaining about my sore throat... Hope the worst is over!. Nice weekend