Monday, February 25, 2008

Inside My Fortress

I should have been outside cleaning the gutters, but the cloudy weather made for the perfect excuse.

There's a Wee-Swap in a couple of weeks and Lucy could have probably spent the whole weekend going through Fred's old clothes while deciding what to keep and what to sell.

The towel hook in the bathroom has come loose and it needs to be reattached.

My freelance work is still up in the air and I need to add more content to my samples site.

There's no doubt that I wouldn't have had to look too terribly hard to find a hundred things that needed to be done other than watching golf and enjoying a whole pack of PEEPS.

Life is filled with "gotta be done's" and "need to do's". This past weekend though none of it seemed to matter. He's not yet even 2, but I think Fred could sense the mood of the house just as well as Lucy and I. This weekend we were hibernating.

We pulled down the blinds, turned the answering machine on, the computer off, and..we slept. We read books. We watched movies. We made a pallet in the floor and had a picnic as the Curious George movie made us laugh like little kids.

One trip to McDonalds, a stop off at the grocery store for milk, and then nobody was allowed to leave the house again until Monday.....and nobody wanted to. There were too many laughs to be had. Too many pages that needed to be colored. Too many gold fish that needed to be shared.

No bickering over insignificant things. No temper tantrums. No visitors allowed. Just 48 hours of uninterrupted family time.

And now on this Monday morning as I touch these keys for the first time and attempt to turn the wonderland of a weekend into words, I find myself happier, friendlier, less stressed, and more convinced that God is watching over my family. For in my Fortress the sounds of a family in love with life have recharged my weary bones and left me happier than I have been in quiet some time. 

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Julie said...

Glad you guys got to have some down time. That is always much needed. Since baby #1 is almost 2, when is baby #2 coming along?