Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Anatomy Of A Hospital Visit (Tuesday Morning)

Again, if you are just now joining this thread go back and read Part's I and II

6:30 A.M- I wake up wondering where I'm at and why I can't move my left arm. Apparently I got tired of sleeping half off the tiny hospital bed and tucked my arm into the belt of my jeans so it wouldn't just dangle there. Nurses were in an out all night.

7:00-Fred wakes up and the Blue's Clues marathon begins again.

7:30-Temp. 98!! We begin to think we are going home.

8:00-Dr. comes in with good news and bad news. They feel they have control of the virus, but want to keep him over night to get him re-hydrated

8:30-Fred eats Cheerios and Milk. Nurses decide to start bringing Lucy and I meals along with Fred's. What a blessing those people were. Oh and they had a collection of 100 movies we could watch, but of course we only got to see the 6 Blues Clues tapes they had listed.

10:00-Price Is Right break

11:00-Aunt Mo shows up with balloons and a blue hippo.

11:30-Attack of the nurses. All at once we had people pricking fingers, giving breathing treatments, checking pulses, waiting to take him for x-rays. Finally I've had enough.

11:45-I yelled at everybody. Nurses, doctors, relatives, strangers, fictional blue pet owners. "DO NOT TOUCH THE ARM WITH THE IV IN IT UNLESS YOU PLAN TO TAKE IT OUT FOR GOOD!!!"

12:30-Attack of the balloons. After the storm we just spent the last hour suffering through, we were welcomed with an hour filled with one gift basket after another. A giant food basket from my work with a blue puppy attached. Blue balloons and a bunny from Gigi. A dinosaur and a giant puppy balloon from the Morris's. It was good to see Fred finally smile and start to return to normal.

2:00-Knowing how much Fred likes to eat pieces of bread. Pops shows up with a whole loaf.

3:00-Lucy goes home for a shower, Fred takes a nap, and Pop/I eat Cracker Jacks and watch Peoples Court.

Check back this afternoon for the next installment!!

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