Monday, April 09, 2007

Spring Fever

Dear Blog, I am soooo sorry I’ve not posted in over a week. I know I promised to be around more and you are very important to me, there was just no way for me to know that the baby was going to get sick. I’m not talking about cough and runny nose sick, but 103.5 fever for 5 days in a row sick.

It was a tough week for the Blockhead clan and we pray it’s over with. I’ve got tons to talk about and will do my best not to miss anything. After a week of holding a sick 1 year-old I’ve had plenty of time to let my mind wonder.

Lucy and I did our best, but nobody wants to baby sit your kid when he’s got a fever and refuses to be sat down on his own. It was only a 4-day week for me and I missed all but a day and a half. There is a special kind of frustration that goes with being pinned to a couch while you imagine the piles of paperwork on your desk multiplying with every passing hour. Any other time I’d be begging for time off, but little man was so sick those days were filled with worry instead of thrills and spills. That was one stubborn fever.

It finally broke Saturday morning after two Dr.’s visits and 3 prescriptions. I’ve got something planned in regards to his mood, for now I’ll just say Fred wasn’t himself.

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