Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Monkey Business

Recently I have managed to teach Fred to make animal noises specifically an elephant and monkey. He got a stuffed chimp from LeeLee for his birthday. When he was well enough to play last week, I would grab LeeLee (the monkey not the person) and start bouncing her around while going “WHOO WHOO WHOOO WHOOO”. Fred thought it was hilarious and by the end of the week it became his newest trick. He was already puckering his lips and trying to whistle so the “WHOO WHOO WHOO” fit right in with that same lip action.

One thing I neglected to teach Fred though was that not all animals sound like LeeLee….just other monkeys. Easter came and went this past weekend bringing with it 100 stuffed bunnies. There were orginally only 2 (Adam and Eve) and during the course of the 3-day holiday they must have done what rabbits do, cause they are all over the place now. To Fred though all animals now make the same noise “WHOO WHOO WHOO”.

“Freddy, what does a bunny sound like?”
“Whoo Whoo Whoo”
“Freddy what does a….doggy sound like?”
“Whoo Whoo Whoo”
“Fred what does an….owl sound like?”
“Whoo Whoo Whoo”

That one I guess is correct though, because it’s basically the same noise. He loves that stuffed monkey!! LeeLee is in the ball pit, LeeLee rides to school, LeeLee got a milk bath yesterday after Fred decided giving her a kiss was more important than swallowing his milk.

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