Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Birth Of A Personality

One thing being at home with a sick child (I mean a reallllly sick child) for the first time teaches you is that you no longer have a baby. I mean we still call him Baby Fred, and change diapers, and all of that…what I’m trying to say is that we no longer have this pooping, crying, spitting up, mushed up food eating, sleeping baby. We essentially have a pre-toddler.

The fact that we now have this new person running around our house that we created, shaped, and molded into his current image hit home in a big way last week. The fever was pretty bad and one major sign of the severity was the disappearance of Fred’s personality. Up until this point we hadn’t even stopped to realize he had one. It was something that just snuck up on us and we never had time to react or think “Hey this thing is a person now!!”

He has likes and dislikes. He will let you know in a heartbeat when he doesn’t want to do something. (He has decided he no longer wants to be given a breathing treatment and will scrunch his face while continuously shoving the breather away) He’s eating pizza, hamburgers, ice cream, pudding, chicken nuggets…basically I just order 2 of whatever I’m having. He’s walking well now and never stops. He simply races through the house touching, pulling, tasting, throwing, kicking, and falling down on everything possible. He begs to go outside and claps his hands when told, “If you are happy and you know it clap your hands”

My boy has ideas and thoughts and dreams and favorite foods and best friends. He loves the sunshine, puppy dogs, and wagon rides.

All of this disappeared last week. He slept all week, threw a fit when put down, and barely raised an eyebrow. He wasn’t himself. For the first time we were amazed by the personality we had created and felt sorrow for its disappearance. If I ever write or do another thing of consequence, it will always appear as a crumb when compared to Fred the person.

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