Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pass Me That J!!!

The J’s came back into town!!!!! Last time I mentioned them they were heading off to Michigan. Now almost a year later they have a new baby (which I’ve neglected to add pictures of since I’m always behind on this blog) and of course the baby’s name starts with a…you guessed it a J. Since I miss them so I’ve decided to let them write today’s post. Take it J!!!!

We were a little surprised to have snow for Easter but hey - we heard that a lot of other more strange places had it too, so what. We were not prepared for Wednesday though. Wednesday we woke up to a winter storm advisory in mid-April. It was nasty - snowing/sleeting, cold and windy. Before long we lost power and without power we had no heat or water a/k/a bathroom. After being without power all day it was getting chilly so we began packing up the kids in the dark to go to a motel for the nite. After the long trip we had been on recently we were not too crazy about the idea of packing. We asked Jake what he thought about going to a hotel and he said "nope!" When we told him it had a swimming pool, TV, and heat he began throwing stuff in the suitcase!!!!

Dude we miss you guys. See you in September.

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The J's said...

This is some good writing!!! Now about that free lance commission check make that payable to "The J's" . . . LOL!!