Sunday, April 15, 2007

Alaina Alexander Opens Up

I can't help but brag a little about the interview I had with Alaina Alexander. Here is the post from AmericanSuperStars:

Alaina Alexander Opens Up About Quitting Music, Sanjaya, and Those Chris Richardson Romance Rumors
Several weeks ago TMZ ran a story regarding rumors that two of this season's hottest Idols were romantically linked. It was at that point that I took a chance and tried to contact Alaina's publicist. Low and behold last Thursday I got to talk to Alaina herself. You never truly know what type of person you are going to find yourself talking to when you approach someone that has achieved the level of success like Alaina. Not only was Alaina Alexander one of the nicest people I have ever talked to, you could tell the by exuberance in her voice that America had not heard the last of this Top 24 American Idol contestant. As soon as I got word that Alaina was going to be giving me a call that afternoon, I immediately loaded up the tape recorder and carried it with me the rest of the day....except for the 15 minutes I ran to Burger King to grab some dinner. Wouldn't you know that just seconds before I ordered my double whopper, Alaina would call? So there while the waitress kept asking me if I wanted Coke or Sprite...I began my interview with an American Idol.

Alaina, who recently dyed her hair black, immediately made me feel that this was not some Hollywood celebrity I was dealing with, but an old friend sharing her latest experiences. You could tell that Alaina was a passionate person especially when asked if there was anything that she could share, that other Idols had not mentioned. Without missing a beat, Alaina said that everyone wants to know some deep dark secret or scandal that just has to be going on behind the scenes. That the truth is the show is all about hard work and trying to give the best performance possible. She further added that there are no words to describe what it's like step out in front of 30 million people and sing your heart out. Take a look at what else Alaina had to say as we played a round of 20 Questions!!!"

1. I am a southern guy, what was it like growing up near Hollywood? I’m from a smaller town as well, and I used to love to go into Hollywoodand go shopping. I would go back to school and brag to all my friends. LAalways did have its perks.
2. Tell me a little about your family …
Well I’m half Mexican and half Italian so let’s just say there are a lotof us, and we really like our food.
3. Before we talk about the show, what have you been up to since your departure?There are so many good things happening. I can’t say much now, but I’m very happy and anxious!
4. On the show, you sang a few different styles of music. What would you consider to be your genre?
I’m definitely a pop artist, with a little acoustic soul.
5. What artist is your biggest inspiration? Are there any new performers out there today that have caught your eye?I love Mariah and the Beatles. I am affected by so many different styles of music. A more recent artist that impresses me is Christina Aguilera. She has so much passion and feeling when she sings. So amazing!!
6. Is there anyone that has been sent home that you feel should still be on the show?
Do I count?
7. Chris Sligh recently said that he had gotten death threats while on the show. How have you been received by the show’s fans? The fans have been great to me. Nothing but love!
8. On your MySpace page, you listed a few new songs. Is there an album in the works? Oh you will just have to wait and find out =-)
9. Speaking on MySpace, you’ve put several pictures of yourself out there that some might consider a little risqué. What was the motivation behind the pics? There’s nothing crazy behind it. I love the pictures so I thought I would share them.
10. Of course we HAVE to talk about Sanjaya… do you feel he still deserves to be on the show or is he hanging on by those trying to bring down AI? He deserves to be there. He is working hard just like everyone else. Let’s not forget that America is keeping him there.
11. Do you think Simon will really quit if Sanjaya wins?No, it wouldn’t be the same without that crazy man.
12. Were you ever able to spend time with the judges? If so, what were they like?
Paula is very nice; she makes you feel good when you’re down.
13. Do Simon and Seacrest REALLY hate each other? I don’t think the boys really hate each other, I think they just bump heads sometimes.That’s normal in any relationship.
14. Many are calling for changes in the voting system and rules for next season. What are some changes you’d like to see happen? I would like it to be 50/50 between the judges and America.
15. Are you still in contact with anyone from the show?Yes, I still talk to a couple of the kids.
16. Do you feel that you have made any lifelong friends on the show? Definitely. We share something together that not very many people get to experience. That will bond us forever.
17. We saw you in the audience supporting Chris Richardson. TMZ has recently some out saying the two of you are a couple. Anything you’d like say?? Chris and I are friends. No romancing going on there, sorry!
18. You said right before the audition that if you didn’t make it to Hollywood, you were going to give up on music? Do you think you would have stuck with that?
If I didn’t try out for Idol, I would probably have quit pursuing a career in music. I would never have stopped composing, singing and playing guitar though! However, I’m so thankful for the experience with Idol because nowI want it more then ever.
19. Who do you want to will win? That’s a secret =-)
20. Who do you think will win?I really have no idea at this point. It’s been very random this year!

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