Monday, April 09, 2007

Where In The World Is….Broccoli?

The last time I mentioned my brother he was in Iowa starting a brand new adventure that will eventually land him not to far from home. Depending on who you ask the downside about it all is that he’s not home much and has become a regular globetrotter.

Most recently his travels have landed him in Chicago. All I know about Chicago is that it’s windy, their lead singer just committed suicide, and the Cubs suck. I’m not recalling any shows that were based there except of course Chicago Hope, so my knowledge is severely limited on the subject. Word came down the pipeline that he wasn’t coming back home until July. That will put it about 7 months since his last visit.

I wonder about his life sometimes. I imagine myself in his shoes buying a hot dog with the works from a street vendor. Looking up at the massive skyscrapers that are as tall as the streets are long. I imagine the people passing all around, the homeless scattered about here and there. We don’t have many homeless people. Country towns like the one I’ve always lived in go to sleep at some point during the night. Traffic stops, bars close, silence is the only sound that can be heard. I wonder how many people in Chicago have heard the sounds of silence. Probably not many. Too many cars, 24-hour beer joints…too many people, places, and things to see.

Broccoli says he’s renting a studio apartment and has managed to catch a few Cubby games. Other than work his life is like the wind blowing all around him. Nothing slows it down and it can change direction in a moments notice….but maybe just as intangible.

I’m not trying to criticize Broccoli’s day to day. Like I said part of me is envious. I’m not like the wind though. I need something solid to grasp on to at night. I need an anchor to keep me afloat during storms and strong breezes. I need my family. I need somebody to teach animals sounds to and I need that look of awe Fred flashes every time he goes outside. I need Lucy’s charm and sense of humor. I need her/our history and I need inside jokes that are told over and over. I need brushing your teeth for the first time and trying to grasp bubbles made from dishwashing liquid. I need new words, first steps, and the tugging on of pant legs.

One thing I do know though…I need my brother around to share this with…..

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