Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Baby Bop

By now I know that boys are boys and you can never predict what they are going to do next. How they come home looking like Pigpen after a long day at school is a big enough mystery besides worrying about what crazy stunt they are going to pull next. Last week Fred got a pretty good rug burn on top of his head thanks to an over zealous hug from a very pretty girl. No big deal we got lucky and the scab came off the day before his school pictures this week. Fred has developed a very unusual problem however….he won’t quit hitting himself in the head.

I think I can trace the origins back to the Indian womp womp thing every kid makes by clapping the palm of his hand against his mouth. My theory is that Fred must have missed a few times and ended up whacking himself against the noggin. The jolt was something new and thus he can’t stop doing it now. Do you know how embarrassing it is to have to say “Quit hitting yourself in the head!!” “If you hit yourself one more time I’m gonna spank you.” Yes I literally said I was going to hit him for hitting himself…what kind of sense does that make?!?!

Things got worse recently at church while he was sitting in between Lucy and I. Fred popped his head back and knocked it against the wooden pew, then he did it again, then again…now it seems it’s his new favorite hobby. I’m not worried though because I remember 1987.

1987 was the year I met Junior. Junior and I forged a friendship through the joys of CCW (Continental Championship Wrestling). Something about Fred smacking his own head finally triggered a lost memory in my mind…Junior and I were head butting enthusiasts. Whether it was to see how hard we could slam our heads against our desks or each other, Junior and I had the best time just knocking ourselves senseless. I can't explain it, can't describe it, and frankly due to a possible concussion...can barely remember it.

So I’m gonna let this head hitting thing go for now and as he gets older I’m just going to sit back and pray he doesn’t pick up other weird hobbies I enjoyed as a kid…like dumpster diving.

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