Friday, March 09, 2007

I Scream When Asked To Put Down The Ice Cream

It happened again…I’ve been found guilty of over-reacting when it comes to food. Recently I practically strung Lucy up by her toes if she didn’t tell me where she was hiding the OREOS….this week I almost ended up on the couch cause she tried to get me to put down the carton of Nutty Buddy I was trying to devour in one setting.

“Um sweety…don’t you think you’ve had enough of that?”
“Uh…what?…Oh I just started eating it.”
“Baby that was half an hour ago and I still don’t understand why you have to eat it straight out of the carton.”
“Leave me alone!!! I’m trying to relax for the first time all day!!! This is good ice cream!!! It’s got vanilla and chocolate swirl and peanuts and chunks of waffle cone!! It’s my friend and it loves me!!! How would you like it if I told you to quit talking to your mom everyday??!?”
“Excuse me? I know you are not telling me I can’t talk to my momma just cause your fat butt has decided it wants to start dwelling only in rooms with double doors!”
“I…I love ice cream…please help…the only way I can stop is if you just come over here and take if from me…I have…no…self…control.”

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