Monday, March 26, 2007

Fred’s Actions Speak Louder Than His Words

The great thing about having a baby is that you truly never know what they are about to do. Since Fred is just now learning to talk and can only say a few words (mostly bite bite, bah bah, dad dad, and HEY!!) when something does come out of his mouth the results are pure gold. Here are three very classic moments from this weekend:

** The kid goes through milk like we are filling his bottles full of air. He practically chugs the whole thing in one gulp. Friday night I gave him a full bottle, walked out of the room for a few minutes, and when I came back it was empty. I picked the little guy up and said “Is this empty bottle the one I gave you five minutes ago?” without missing a beat I get a face full of “BBBBBUUUUUURRRRRRRPPP…Heh heh”

**Abby and Adam have been spending tons of time together. He likes the older ladies. Abby is just across the hall during the day at school and she lives down the street from us. We have all gotten together and decided that since Abby has recently begun saying his name in her sleep, that an arraignment should be made and a contract be signed. Saturday morning at Abby’s second birthday party, her mom Amy decides to make it official. With video camera in hand she asks Fred, ‘Hey Baby Fred!! Are you ready to be Abby’s future husband?” Fred looks dead into the camera and projectile hurls all over the place. It seems all the bouncing on the inflatable slide mixed with the milk and pizza I had just given him may have done a number on him. Amy quickly recovered with, “Typical male response to commitment”

**I’ve been trying to teach Fred to sound like an elephant. It’s simple you close your mouth, stick your bottom lip out, and blow really hard. The resulting “PPPPHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!!!” sound makes the perfect elephant. Fred wanted no part of it. Then while at church Sunday night, Fred waits until just the right moment…the exact second the preacher makes his point…and you guessed it “PPPPPPHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh” except it sounds more like “PPPPHHHH!!!” as in “Whatever dude” I got the evil eye from Lucy for that little trick.

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