Thursday, March 08, 2007

Goodin Goodin Goodin Grief Freddy Blockhead!!!

As Fred quickly approaches the holiday of his birth, he is discovering new little nuances that fully solidify him as a Blockhead in training. Little habits and oddities are being created while others of the past are laid aside.

For example: Last Sunday we were at the grocery store and after he practically bit my finger off when I gave him a piece of cheeseburger the sample lady was passing out (ah the sample lady. We have one store here in town that offers a different food on each corner of the food section. Where else can you eat an egg role, frozen fried shrimp, rotisserie chicken, and some gummy juice filled gushers all for free?), so we decide we better feed him and headed out for some Chinese food. It’s a family restaurant so they are cool enough to include pizza, chicken nuggets, and some plain noodles for the kids. Like is our normal routine, we wipe off the table in front of Fred and put his food there so he can feed himself like he likes it. Not this time though. Nope the only he would eat is if I laid my hand out palm side up, he would then take a piece of food, put it in my palm, close my hand, wait a few seconds, open my hand, and then feed himself. He did this for like half an hour. Lucy and I laughed so hard I had to pass on my customary 3-trip buffet attack strategy and only ended up going twice. (Yes I’m still having over eating issues)

Within the past few days he’s also started making this Goodin Goodin Goodin sound. He knows how to say Dad, Hi, Boom Boom, and Ma Ma, but now all we seem to be getting is Goodin Goodin Goodin.

Yesterday I was changing his diaper and he started blowing air like he was about to whistle but couldn’t figure out what to do with his tongue. I got distracted with what I found in the diaper and apparently didn’t give the correct response cause he never did it again.
Say what you must about babies being babies and the whole learning new stuff thing, but I think this is more than that. I think he’s got more of me in him than his mom would like to admit. Need some proof? Try calling my house and being surprised to find Kermit the Frog answering the phone. I just found out that I do a pretty good impression and can’t stop practicing just in case the Henson family calls looking for a stand in.

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