Thursday, March 01, 2007


I was over at Sarah and the Goon Squad the other day and she had this post about her daughter saying that she had a big butt. She put the famous picture of the two girls dancing on a large booty from the video Baby Got Back (ah Sir Mix-a-lot how we love thee). It really got me thinking about how funny it is that what used to be considered slightly obscene rap music has now turned into songs we sometimes sing to our children. The other day out of now where I burst out with ‘I wanna zooma zoom zoom in the boom boom’. I thought where on earth did that memory come from (chances are from a commercial. Did you catch the newest Wendy’s commercial? In the background “Blister In The Sun” by the Violent Femmes is playing. Am I wrong but I thought this song was about….how shall I say this…I thought it was about having a good time with yourself! Is Wendy’s trying to tell me that after I’m done having a good time with myself that one of their juicy hamburgers will hit the spot?). Fred got a kick out of the song so “zooma zoom zoom” away I went. Lucy can quite regularly be heard saying “The roof the roof the roof is on fire! We don’t need no water let the hmmm hmmm hmmm” now I know that the ending of that is up to some interpretation, but the way I heard it is the reason we always go ‘hmmm hmmm hmmm’ afterward. Oh and I may have been singing ‘Are you down with OPP? Yeah you no me!!” the other day. To get around the whole “I’m a Christian and shouldn’t be talking crudely thing” we simple change the meanings so if ever asked OPP means Outside Play Period or Our Purple Pajamas. Are you down with Our Purple Pajamas? Yeah you know me I like the color purple (the actual color...I’ve never seen the movie). I wonder if twenty years from now Fred will be singing “Lips of an Angel” or ‘Runaway Girl’ by Ludacris to his kids?


am said...

Don't feel bad. The other day we were at my mom's and Abby looked as though she was doing a stinky. So my mom asked, "Abby did you do somethig?" of course Abby said "no". Mom said turn around and see if you have any lumps (talking about a dirty). I then broke out with "my lumps, my lumps, my lovley lady lumps". When Abby was a newborn with her colicky self we would dance to "Honkey Tonk Badonkadonk". I guess we'll have to be more careful when they are old enough to know what we are talking about?

AdventureDad said...

My son currently loves the song from "Madagascar". You know the one, " i like to move it move it.....". He want me to sing and dance to him which is scary. Having a Swedish guy sing might not be a disaster, but throw in the dancing and I look completely ridiculous regardless of how wine I've had.

Nice weekend