Thursday, March 22, 2007


I cannot even believe I am sitting here writing about my little baby turning 1!!! Lucy and I…ok mostly Lucy spent the entire month of February planning for his party on the 17th and in a flash it was over in two hours. Up until this event we really had no idea how to plan for a birthday party. We invited about 50 people, bought every kind of soft drink and punch you could think of, invested trillions and trillions of dollars in toys for the kids and prizes to be given away, had a grill delivered to our house just in case folks wanted to stick around afterward, and even had a banner made announcing the big event. The party was fantastic!! Sure it wasn’t as warm as we would like and half way through it got so cool we brought the party inside. So what my camcorder died and I missed some of the Birthday song (we did the whole candle/cake thing again on his actual birthday which was the 20th and I got it that time). Big deal nobody from my mom’s side of the family showed up (more on that one later). It wasn’t about how there were no decorations up an hour before the party and we ran out of time before we could play any games (instead we gave away door prizes).
The party was about Fred and that kid had a blast. 45 of his closest friends/relatives showed up and the boy was in heaven. He was laughing and squealing and crawling all over the place. His best bud’s Max and Abby had him in stitches. He got a kids pool full of 350 balls, shoes, trains, stuffed monkeys, books, a ride on fire engine, an airplane, a 3 in 1 sports center, a giant caterpillar…at one point he crawled away from the present opening and literally fell asleep in half crawl. He was scooting across the floor and just fell passed out right there with his butt up in the air. Two minutes later he was back up and playing with his favorite aunt Molly.
Then right there in the middle of the party as if he could feel the heat from the spotlight upon him, Fred did the most amazing thing. He just got up and started walking to people. First he practically ran to the Gigi, than back to Lucy, then me, on to Nana. Since then there’s been no stopping him. I’m afraid he thinks every time he runs to somebody they are going to give him a gift…and I’m okay with that. So much so I’m keeping the left over door prizes by my side so I can pop one out the second he starts running.

After the party was over we grabbed a bite to eat with Gigi & Scuba Steve, Fred passed out in his high chair. We all thought that would be the end of our little party animal for that day. WRONG!! The second we walked in the door he was up and playing again all the way till 11:00 that night.

(To Be Continued)

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