Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fred Gets Dirty

Fred is just days from changing classes and leaving the newborns behind. It would have happened sooner, but two people have to leave his next class so that there is room for him and Max. Max is Fred’s best friend and we were told they wouldn’t be separated. Which is just another reason we love the folks at the Hill.

I was dropping off Fred at the Hill Tuesday and the teacher across the hall stopped me.
“I hope you don’t mind that Fred got a little dirty yesterday”
“I don’t guess so. I just wish somebody would have said something. We didn’t notice until 10:00 last night”
“Oh…(odd pause and scrunched up face) well he was just dying to go outside and I would have wiped the dirty off his knee, but we all got in a rush at the last minute.”
“His knee? OH NO NO!! I thought you were talking about his outfit that had poop all over it….(silence…crickets chirp chirp)…um he loves to go outside take him as much as you want”

Still I have a feeling she thinks we don’t look at our kid until 10 at night.

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