Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Sick-Cation

I had a horrible cold last week and Fred was running a fever so we both called in sick. Lucy wanted to go straight to the Dr. but since his fever was only at 101 and dropped I managed to talk her out of it. I’m very anti-doctor. By Friday night he had this horrible wheeze going on and I spent most of the evening trying to convince myself that it wasn’t pneumonia.

By Saturday morning the fever was gone and two new teeth had arrived. Problem solved, nothing to stress over. Then Saturday night he jumped back up to 101.9 and woke up Sunday in a very bad mood. The wheeze was much worse. So we did what we should have done Friday (see I can admit when I’m wrong) we took him to the Dr.

I think I have mentioned before that the doctor’s office on a Sunday is a special kind of hell full of angry moms and very very sick kids. Nobody just volunteers to go on a Sunday because of a case of the sniffles.

The result was a slight ear and respiratory infection; we got off lucky if you look past the x-rays at triple the cost. No pneumonia. Some bad news came though, Fred was put on steroids and couldn’t go to school till Wednesday due to having to have breathing treatments every four hours.

Lucy and I split up the time home so it wasn’t so bad. Sure he refused to take a nap or eat or sleep or be put down or be picked up. Yes he cried and whined a ton and had some legendary diapers, but all in all even the bad days are good days when it comes to spending time with the little guy. After it was over and time to resume our normal routine, it was obvious that though it wasn’t all fun and games…nobody really wanted to venture back out into the rest of the world and risk losing what we had going on at home.

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