Wednesday, June 27, 2007

There's A Monster In My Closet!!!

It’s funny how the moment we are born we enjoy being scared. There’s just something about that jolt of electricity you get from a sudden startle that always sends a smile to the face. From 2 month old babies getting a kick out of Peek-A-Boo to 60 yr old men staying up late watching the latest slasher flicks, we all instinctively enjoy a little fright in our lives.

Growing up Broccoli and I turned scaring the Bejesus out of my grandmother into an art form. We’d sneak in the house and hide under table for hours at a time waiting for her to walk by so we could grab an ankle. Grab a handful of gummy worms, cram them in our pockets, and wait for the right moment to yank them out screaming “Granny look at all these worms we found in the yard!!!” Once Broccoli even scared somebody so bad her pants fell off (thankfully it was a cousin and not my grandmother).

Fred is now learning the joys of scare tactics. We catch him all the time sneaking up to a corner and peeking around to see what’s on the other side. He loves to go into his closet and close the door till just a tiny ray of light is allowed inside, then in a flash he flings it open with a mighty roar!! It’s just a matter of time before he makes somebody drop their drawers.


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