Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Boy, I've Been In Your Shoes (Part II)

The man sitting in the pew surrounded by the family he seldom gets to see, wonders if his 1 year-old son will make it through the service. Although it comes down to a flip of the coin, there’s a schedule in place that is desperately clung too in hopes that with the right bottle at this moment and the perfect book at this time the boy will be fast asleep when the Church grows silent and the preacher begins his lesson. This time it’s different though, normal the family attends church with 500 others all of whom tend to filter out any noises children make. This is not the mans usual place of worship though and hence the thought of his fun loving son deciding he’s ready to party in a building filled with less than 30 sends shivers of worry up and down his spine.

As the preacher takes the podium and begins speaking in his deep, enthusiastic voice the man barely registers a word, focusing solely on what the child is doing. Minutes pass and the child begins to get restless when something stops him in his tracks. At first the father is confused, then the look on his son’s face brings back a memory he had long ago forgotten. He understands what has caused the open mouth and wide-eyed expression, it’s the same look he once had every time the grandfather (now a great-grandfather) found his stride while preaching the words of Jesus Christ. And when the boy begins babbling like babies do, the father does little to try and silence the sounds. As he sits there surrounded by his wife and family, the father remembers those thoughts of long ago that echo “He’s talking to me!! He’s in front of all these people and yet he’s looking right at me!”

To this the father leans into his son’s ear and says “I know Fred. I’ve been there. Isn’t great-grandpa amazing?”


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