Monday, June 04, 2007

Boy, I've Been In Your Shoes (Part I)

This one’s going to be a toughie to write, but as is the case with most of my posts the ideas tend to have a life of their own and eventually I have no choice but to put “pen to paper”.

Part I

 There’s this little kid dressed in overalls and navy blue sneakers. His curly hair is blowing in the breeze and he’s squinting just a bit like his father does whenever the sun is burning brightly in the sky. The driveway stretches out in front of him as he sees the man get into the car and buckle his seatbelt. Though he’s too young to understand all the circumstances that have lead to this day, the little boy knows this will be the last time he sees this person for awhile. Immediately he begins flapping his right arm up and down showing off the new trick he’s just perfected.

“Bye Bye” “Bye Bye” he calls out. The man in the car…this man the boy feels a connection too after only spending 4 days with during the past year (2 at a time) waves back and gives one last smile as he pulls away.

The little curly haired boy has a new trick up his sleeve and instinctively he takes off down the driveway, running for the first time. “Bye Bye" "Bye Bye” he keeps saying while flapping the hand in the air and showing his new found speed. He stops just short of the road where he catches one last look at the car as it rounds the corner.

With a smile on his face the boy looks back over his shoulder at his dad who is lagging behind him and hears him take a deep breath then while slowly releasing the pressure inside he says, “I know Fred. I’ve been there too. You will see grandpa again someday I promise”.


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the weirdgirl said...

That's very sweet (and sad).