Thursday, June 14, 2007

Is There Another Blockhead On The Way?

Not hardly, but for some reason I find myself wanting another one. Lucy brought it up last night and like everything else we seem to be thinking the same thing “We are not ready, but the idea is there again.” It would be a financial nightmare to have another child. In two years things will be different (Fred will be about out of daycare). Plus we can barely keep up with one. It wouldn't be fair to either Fred or the new baby at the moment.

Still...I never thought I’d miss the middle of the night wake up call, being at the mercy of a baby that loved to wake up at 2 a.m and fall back asleep at 4 (I watched sooo many movies during that time). I miss curling up with that fragile little boy and rocking him to sleep. I miss telling stories and having his full attention. That’s my favorite thing about time, in a matter of months it can take what once was difficult and make it seem like a vacation.

Fred is amazing and with each new word or giggle he reminds me why I should take nothing for granted…still we miss our baby and can see those long nights filled with movies and story telling coming back around very soon…just not this year or maybe next…then again life is moving at the speed of sound and with every step Fred is declaring his independence. Watching him grow up is a blessing, but there's some saddness mixed in there whenever I stop and think of how fast that first year zipped by. I love my toddler, but I miss my baby boy. 

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