Friday, June 15, 2007

Foot Patrol

Recently we went looking for new sandals for Fred. No big deal right? You’re in you’re out. Badda Bing Badda Boom. Except it wasn’t that easy. Fred apparently knows something that a million other 1 year-olds have not yet figured out…with just a tug Velcro comes apart. Obviously he’s the only baby in the country that knows this because after going to 5 different stores looking for sandals that pulled on instead of being velcro’d on, we found zero pairs. How can this be??!!!???!!! The only answer is that he’s the smartest baby in the world because the alternative is that shoe designers want kids to pull apart Velcro so that they will lose them at the mall, church, the playground, the daycare, at restaurants, and parking lots. Hence making the mommy and daddy’s of the world have to go spend the same amount of money for a size 5 toddler that they would for a pair of their own shoes. We all know that the last thing big business wants us to do is spend more money. 


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the weirdgirl said...

Have you tried Striderite? Yeah, I know, they're expensive. But the thing I found is that they stay ON! Especially for a one-year-old. And they have laces as well as velcro. Now that my son is two I can buy the cheaper shoes and they stay on and/or he keeps them on, but when he was one I had to bite the bullet and give up on the cheaper shoes.

Plus, Striderite has that super science of walking thing built into their "cruiser" shoes. Or something.

(P.S. Happy Father's Day)