Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Memo To The Hardee's Of Hamilton Alabama

While on vacation to see several members of my family this past weekend, we had the opportunity to stop at your establishment. We were making our way down highway 43, looking for someplace familiar to stop, and were delighted to see that friendly little star logo of yours sticking up over the tree line.

It just so happens that Fred had an emergency accident and since the car was full of luggage and toys, there was no place to change the monumental dirty. As we walked into your restaurant heading straight for the restroom we couldn’t help but be hungry as we smelled the biscuits and hash browns cooking. The site of the crazy man dressed like Moses (complete with staff and full length white beard) even made us feel that much more welcome.

Upon entering the restroom and discovering you didn’t have changing tables, we were overcome with a sense of joy as we realized you considered your customers so much like family that you wanted to share every blessed moment with them…no sticking your customers in a private area to clean up mounds of poop, no you want us all together to enjoy the smells and screams that come from trying to change a 1 year-old who just pooped for the first time in 24 hours.

In hindsight I guess Mosses was really there to part the way, since the entire restaurant cleared the path around us as Fred was stripped down and began grabbing handfuls of feces while others enjoyed their omelet biscuits.

Boy Hardee’s, you sure must love your customers!! You didn’t even get mad when we decided not to eat and left without wiping off the table. What a super company you are!!!


Charlie Blockhead



Peter said...

That's NASTY!

Anonymous said...

welcome to life! i dont think hardee`s gets the credit for mounds of poop. glad you had an opportunity to meet other folks in the town without judgement, you are truly christian and display it well. good luck with everything!