Thursday, May 10, 2007

On The Edge Of A Cliff

Lucy and I have a confession to make….we’ve been seeing other people. More than that we’ve each found ourselves obsessed. We see them once a week. Sometimes we dream about spending time with them. We even scan the Internet desperately searching for them….today I’m here to announce two things about these relationships. First of all, by the end of May they will be over with. Set aside for the summer. Some for good. Others may start up again in the fall. We can’t help ourselves. We are in love with these people.

The second thing I need to confess…is their names.

  • Lost-every week we are finding more about what is going on, but its way intense and everything connects to something else. This is the only show I could never get tired of.
  • 7th Heaven-This season should never existed. They should have let it die last year
  • The Riches-Favorite New Show Of The Year. Gypsy con artist family trying to be “normal” by assuming the lives of a rich family they accidentally killed…how can you NOT watch?
  • CSI: Miami- Getting very stale this year. Time for it end.
  • CSI-Sara bites it and next season Grissom is left to morn. Can’t beat the real thing.
  • The Office-I’m ready for the next step in the Jim/Pam/what’s her name triangle. Still this is the second funniest show on TV.
  • New Adventures of Old Christine- The Funniest Show on the tube. Julia Dreyfus is amazing. Oh and Wanda Sykes makes the perfect sidekick.
  • How I Met Your Mother-Still no clue who the mother that will be met will be. Pretty sure it’s not Robin, but who cares we need more Slap Bet!!!
  • Ghost Whisperer-The world ends on May 11th and only Melinda can save it. Of course she will, but this is quickly following in the footsteps of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Especially now that she’s got a bunch of Scooby’s helping her out.
  • Cold Case- This ended 3 days ago and Lucy is still talking about it. Great formula and the music is always awesome!!
  • Bones-Best partners since Mulder/Scully. 2nd favorite show on TV. (How can you top Lost?)
  • Crossing Jordan-This isn’t the best show, but it’s always consistent. Never a bad episode…never a homerun either, but there’s something to be said about hitting a line drive week after week. Plus anyone can be killed off on any given night, except for Jordan.

Did you think I was talking about something else up there at the top? Whatever!!! It’s Cliffhanger season and while we desperately await the fates of our favorite characters, we are also relieved to be rid of the burden of having to dedicate so much time to them every week. Most people rent movies. Us? We just try to keep up with a handful of shows. Fred is first so we usually catch everything on the weekend or after 10 at night. Once May is over with practically no TV is watched at night…except for maybe this new show Traveler I keep hearing about.


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