Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Line Item Veto

I was over at PoopandBoogies reading about how his wife got into a situation at a parking garage. It ended with her asking him if he told anybody and he said just a couple of people, but yes he was going to blog about it. Lucy says this all the time.

I can’t count the number of times I hear ‘You’re going to put this on the internet, aren’t you?” or “AND I BETTER NOT READ ABOUT THIS ON THE WEB IN THE MORNING!!!” I tend to honor her requests when it comes to leaving things out. After all it’s her story too and I figure she’s entitled to final approval rights when she feels its necessary. She very seldom enforces the line item veto, but when she does I don’t question it. Obviously there are funny things in life that happen, but should not be shared in public.

Still I’ve got this one story that is sooooo funny…..soooo outrageous…it would leave you running for the nearest bathroom to clean up afterward.

Speaking of things Lucy would not dare let me blog about, check out this post from  Weird Girl.


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