Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happiness Is....

I was over at ChildsPlayx2 and he started the thread:

Having a stressful day at work only to look down at your nice dress shirt and find a smear of banana left from your daughter’s hands when she gave you a hug goodbye that morning.”

Here is what happiness is to me:

Forgetting all about the crappy day you had the second you show up at the daycare to pick up your one year old and he runs to you screaming and laughing with that “I Have Missed You Sooo Much” look on his face. That look that says though he has had a great day playing with his friends, you are the one he has truly longed to be spending the day with. That spark that jolts his face alive the second he hears your voice causing it to smile wide and squint the eyes before he even realizes what just happened.

Hearing the words “Be Safe” trail after Fred and I as we get in the car in the mornings. We pull out, take one look back, and see Lucy still standing at the door waving one last time and getting in one last “I love you guys” before we are down the driveway and rushing towards the end of another day.

An email to my work address. Sent every morning that reads, “How’s it going so far? What was Fred doing when you left him? I miss you guys.”

Going to bed at the exact same time. If she’s not ready yet, I’ll sleep on the couch till she is. If I’m watching a movie, she does the same. Nobody likes an empty bed after ten years.

 This looks like it's going to be it for me this week. With Idol ending it's run (the show not the site my contract got extended!!!) and Repellem going five days starting the first week of June, I need to recharge the creative batteries. We've got a trip planned this weekend, I'm going to try and catch up on some movies, maybe read a chapter of my book that's been collecting dust on the night stand, and enjoy my family for four days.

This seems like the perfect time to say thank you to everyone who has been reading Charlie lately. My numbers are growing every week and I'm loving the comments/feedback I keep reading.

I don't want to leave you with homework or anything, but if you'd like before you click away tell me what happiness means to you and then have a safe holiday.



Anonymous said...

What does happiness mean to me?
Happiness is knowing God is watching over your child and the thought of him and Jesus laughing with you as she does something sweet and funny.
Happiness is a blond headed blue eyed girl who loves you know matter what.
Happiness is a husband who doesn't have to say a word to know he loves you.
Happiness is seeing a lightbulb go off in a five year old's head for the first time.
Happiness is parents who are always there and who still think you are their little girl.
Happiness is friends who you know are friends without having to prove it.
Happiness is being called "mother" by mistake by five year olds who consider you mom while at school.
Happiness is end of the year notes from moms and dads who make what you do valid.
Happiness is watching children grow and wonder what they will learn next.
Happiness is logging on to see what is happening in Charlie's word. :)

Nancy Spencer said...

I hate to read. I know that says I am unintelligent,lazy and well shallow. But I love your stuff, I actually get visual pictures of what is happening as I am reading (which as we all know is all I like about a book - the pictures).