Tuesday, May 08, 2007

BP Stands For Birthday Parties

This actually happened to a friend of Lucy’s who (for obvious reasons of which you are about to read) I shall bestow the secret identity of Canned Greens. I know that’s a weird name, but she knows who she is. I’m sure she won’t mind if I tell this little story about her Kid Canned Greens recent birthday party.

Every year Kid Canned Greens has a party at a local park. Now we all know how elaborate these parties are. There’s cake, cookies, decorations, invitations, scheduling conflicts to be worked out, door prizes, games, music, piñatas…it’s a tremendous task and eliminating the planning is the only valid reason I can see for just having it at Chucky Cheese Hell.

So Canned Greens is working on her invitations and she’s telling everyone that it will be held at a park that starts with the name of the city she lives in. For example: Miami Park or Springfield Park (whatever. you get the idea). While she’s doing this life is going on around her and Mr. Canned Greens says something to the effect of “We need to remember to take the car to the gas station for a tune up.” Nothing Earth shaking, just a reminder. Invitations go out and the date is set in stone.

Then about three days later she gets a call from one of her invitees saying something about where the party will be held. No big deal she made a mistake. Than another called. Than another. Than another. All are calling to ask about the unusual location of Kid Canned Greens party this year.

Have you figured it out yet? She wrote on the invitation that the party would be at…wait for it…wait…foooorrrr…iiittt…at the (insert city name) gas station!!!! That’s right folks she sent all but six people to a gas station in the middle of the country!!! Which if you think about it is the perfect place.

You could use the air hose to blow out the candles. Give away free road maps instead of dinky toys. Serve twinkies instead of birthday cake and the nasty looking attendant could be “Crusty The Crown”. The parents could get a quick fill up while they are there and everyone’s happy.


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