Thursday, May 03, 2007

Once Bitten Twice Shy Baby

Oh how I love cheesy pop references. Well it looks like things are not chummy on the Hill, as we would like to imagine. Fred, who recently moved up to the next class, was the victim of a hate crime this week. When I went to pick him up on Tuesday it was revealed to me that some maniac 18 month old had bitten him and sure enough on his arm the proof was found in the form of a perfect circle. You can practically count the kids teeth on Fred’s arm.

Though we are not supposed to know who the little ankle biter is….we do and I will say it’s a good thing I have a problem matching names with faces cause that little rat would accidentally trip the next time I saw him. I know I know. I can’t be trying to attack 2 year-olds, but we were also told that the same kid bit 2 other people this week and more in the past. I say paybacks are hell. It’s a good thing Momma Blockhead didn’t show up that afternoon to pick Fred up like is normally the case, cause as soon as the teacher said “By law we can’t tell you the child’s name. Only that Fred was just minding his own business” Lucy would have gone around yanking up the sleeves of everyone in that building, biting them each in the arm first, and asking them if it was them second.

This did bring up an interesting conundrum in my sub-conscious though. My first reaction to the news was “Well what did he have that Fred wanted? I know my boy and if that other kid was holding a cheeto than Fred probably deserved it cause Fred is gonna get that cheeto no matter what.” Lucy even mentioned “You know how he is when he sees something he wants. He just goes after it.” She’s right. There’s been countless times that we’ve popped Fred’s hand and made him cry, then five seconds later he’s doing whatever the offense was again. But why did I automatically assume Fred had wronged the other kid first? Is it because after 18 years of living with a family that fought like cats and dogs, and another 8 years of being a bill collector (of sorts) which is a job based around arguing with people over money, that I find it hard to believe that sometimes people become innocent victims?Why wasn’t my first reaction “NOBODY BITES MY CHILD FOR NO REASON!!”

Oh well that’s about as deep as I want to go with that for now, just one of those parenting things that you must work out I guess.

I can sorta understand why he got bit though. Look at this face and tell me you don’t want to nibble on them cheeks just a bit. He’s the cutest baby it world for crying out loud!!

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Em said...

Bravo on the wonderfully weird humor displayed in your last several posts!

Although I do feel the need to notify you that the adorable little Fred Blockhead will only be the cutest kid in the world until July, when he will be required to pass that title on to the crazy child that is so intent on escaping my belly.

And yes, those cheeks certainly do invite dangerous nibbles! =)