Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Vacation Realizations

Very quickly into our trip to Orange Beach I began to ponder things I had never spent much time thinking about before. Since it was an 8-hour drive down there and another 8 hours back, both with a sometimes-screaming Fred in the car; I had plenty of time to think.

WE DON’T PAY THE DAYCARE ENOUGH-This is the first time since Lucy’s maternity leave ended that we had been with Fred 24 hours a day for 9 days. Yes we typically spend all weekend with him, but we always know that come 8:00 Monday morning he’ll be shipped off to school for the day. Now I love him more than life it’s self, but WOW keeping up with an 18 month old for that long without some me time is killer.

FRED IS CHANGING TOO FAST-It literally felt like we came home with a different kid. He was flying kites, petting goats, jumping in the pool. Now of course the GiGi tried to spoil him rotten and that has some to do with this change, but most of it is him just being a sponge. He’s soaking up everything he sees/hears and rocketing it back at us as fast as he can.

I’M IN A RUT- I sorta knew this, but you really never realize how many things you do at the exact same time everyday until you quit doing them. From trips to the bathroom to dinnertime, I apparently time everything I do based on what time I did them the day before.

WE HAVE SATELLITE RADIO- The salesman never told us THE EDGE had this and I’d never had a reason to hit the AUX button until I hit it by mistake on the way down there. Now we only get to enjoy 1 of the 6 months of free service it apparently came with.

TODDLERS ALWAYS DO THE UNEXPECTED- We got up to head down there at 3 A.M thinking Fred would sleep 75% of the way, WRONG!! He stayed awake the whole time!! He was in such a greeaaat mood when we got there. Another example of this is what happened on the balcony. Not the balcony looking out towards the beach, I’m talking about the one looking over the parking lot going towards the elevator. We were all placing bets on what he would throw over (cause we all knew something would def. be going over). The short story he is that he was naked cause of a rash and yadda yadda I turned to see him peeing off the front balcony down onto the glass ceiling of the first floor lobby. No people that wasn’t rain coming from above…it was Pee Pee.

I know, you are wondering where the pictures are. They are coming along with a couple of videos. I'll get the best ones posted a few at a time the rest of the week.


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the weirdgirl said...

Did you get a picture of Fred peeing off the balcony?! Because that would SO ROCK!

Only because it happened to you, of course, and not me. OK, I would still laugh if my son did it. (But not where he could hear me.)