Monday, October 22, 2007

Back-Up And Still Running

When I last posted you may remember my words were "There's an ebb and flow to my alter ego and I feel a ground swell coming so you may wanna check in everyday for new stuff."

For those of you that decided to keep me at my word, you no doubt found that I had not kept my promise. The reason behind the disappearance isn't because of lack of time (although I am now busier than ever due to reasons you are about to discover) but because my hard-drive crashed. Crashed isn't even the right word...more like disintegrated. Now I've had nightmares, but the thought of waking up to discover that every single picture and video I have ever taken of Fred was gone is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy (I actually do have a worst enemy by the way...the CHANDALIER!!!)

It's our own fault really I mean sometime around month 3 and month 19 we just lost track of time and never thought that all our memories could be vaporized in a heartbeat. Thankfully though after a week of begging and pleading with whomever would lend an ear we were able to retrieve them all and now have what is essentially a brand new computer. New bigger badder hard-drive, new virus detector (the hard-drive crash was due to a mechanical problem not a virus), and all new programs to learn. Please if you haven't done it yet STOP RIGHT THIS INSTANT AND MAKE A BACK-UP DISK!!!

Thankfully we are fully back-up and running and I'm even caught up on my paying gigs for the moment. I'm going to try and get back to my regularly scheduled 3 posts a week, but I may need this week to get some things done in order to be back to 100%.

Till then I leave you with a look at how much Fred has changed from month 1 to month 19.

Charlie Blockhead

1 comment:

The Father of Five said...

Dang, He is a cutie!

You can just see the gears of his mind spinning as he looks at those flowers!

- - - -

Here's what I do. Make a schedule of backups. I choose birthdays that cover the year every three months or so... (I am due for another as of yesterday...

That way - the WORST case senerio would be a few months of photos / videos...

Hope all is well.