Friday, October 26, 2007

Charlie Blockhead: The Missing Post


I remember when I wrote this post. It was a boring night at church (yeah I said it! I wasn't all into what was being said that night!!! I don't have to like every sermon. I'm not the church stenographer. I don't have to memorize every word!!). Anyway's there was a pencil, a visitors card, and an idea that demanded my without further ado I present the Missing Post:

Daycare Blues
Well it finally happened. Daycare used to be a place where Fred would gladly be dropped off and with a big smile and a kick in his giddy-up he'd practically knock down Mrs. Jackie down jumping into her arms. As of last week though drop off time has become the hardest part of my day. He cries when I leave now. Monday it was just a whimper and I wrote it off to him just being sleepy, but by Wednesday it grew into a full blown cry. It's a parents instinct to grab their child the second the tears start.not to turn and walk away. I suppose I should call and check on him after I get to work, but the comfort of lying to myself and assuming the tears stopped once I left the room is much more preferable than the knowledge that they may not have...

Not sure when I wrote this post, but when I put on my winter coat for the first time this season there it was in the front pocket. Although he doesn't cry much anymore, on those rare mornings when he does.I still tell myself he stops the moment I get in the car.

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