Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pits and Pieces

I know it seems like everytime you pop over here lately I've moved the furniture around, but I promise this is the last time. And I know I promised more beach photos, but haven't delivered....they are coming. The design I had for Charlie went kaput several weeks ago and I just ended up having to pick the first one I half way liked. Now today I have found this awesome father/son forest adventure rainbow whatever you want to call it look and I'm completely in love with it. This will be the last change I'll be making for awhile barring another tech breakdown. Part of the reasons behind the lack of posts is due to the fact that everytime I thought about Charlie I couldn't focus on anything other than the crappy design.

Things are still ticking away pretty smooth at the sites I'm currently being paid to write for. Recently I've gotten a fair amount of attention over at Log Homes Journal and Repellem is getting more hits by the week.I had a couple of articles come out in the local papers and I've got two or three deals that if they hit may lead me to being able to quit the 8-5. Still I'm begining to worry that they are taking away from Charlie and like most things in life I'm realizing I need some balance. Charlie hasn't been as deep or as thought provoking as it was at one point and some of that is due to only having time to jot down whatever I can discuss in the shortest amount of time. There's an ebb and flow to my alter ego and I feel a ground swell coming so you may wanna check in everyday for new stuff. Fred is growing faster than I can write and I've got some stories that need to be told before they are lost to time. Oh and look for more video. I've got a great one featuring Fred feeding the ducks down at the park.

That's all for now. Give me a shout and let me know what you think about the new design!!

Charlie Blockhead

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Julie said...

I love the new design. I think that it is really kool! Good pick on the picture.