Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stand By Me

It’s official…WE HAVE A STANDING BABY!!! We were in the tub a couple of nights ago and one minute Fred was trying to attack the cat (bath time is the only moment of the day when Buttons will let the baby get near him. Maybe I have a cat that is a germ-a-phobe and he is afraid he will catch something from Fred) the next thing I know he’s standing in the water all by himself (the baby, not the cat).

I gave it a few seconds and then shouted for Lucy to come quick. She comes running down the hall thinking the baby had fallen, only to find Little Man just laughing it up in the middle of the tub all by himself. He got so excited he pee’d all in the bath water. What a great night that was.

1 comment:

AdventureDad said...

Congrats! Count of running your ass off from now on and be ready to catch the little one during his walking/standing adventures.