Thursday, January 04, 2007

Charlie "AmericanSuperStar" Blockhead

Last week I mentioned I was working on a couple new gigs that I was hoping would pan out pretty soon. Well the really cool one did and here's the scoop!!!

Your's truly is now the official (paid!!!!) writer for American Super Stars !!! Thanks to my pal Genuine , I'll be posting the greatest and latest American Idol news five times a week the only way I know how (really jerky sounding). This has been been a dream of mine for awhile now and I'm still in shock it has finally happened. I know it's not the pulitzer or the New York Times, but in my mind I'm an official journalist.

The new season starts up next week so do me a favor and take a peek. Oh and one more thing! Just so you don't get confused and accuse me of making all this up, everything posted this year is mine. I know it says "by americansuperstar" and "by IdolStar", but it's me through and through. I promise to keep doing Charlie Blockhead and look forward to hearing your thoughts about the new site. Happy New Year!!!!!


AdventeurDad said...

Congrats on the new Gig!


Rob Barron said...

My initial reaction was to say something snide about AmIdol, but that's just the jealousy talking.

I am impressed and happy for you!

Good luck!

Peter said...


Julie Young said...

That is pretty neat Bill! We will be checking the site daily for news. Congrats!