Monday, January 01, 2007

Dear Abby

Dear Abby,
I think I owe you an apology. It seems I have misinterpreted your actions. I see you almost everyday in your classroom at the Hill across from Baby Fred’s. You are usually getting settled in at the activity table. You know me from church and your parents are good friends of mine. Still I guess maybe I assumed too much. Each morning on my way out of the daycare, I see you sitting there with your pretty blonde hair and blue eyes…and that one little arm stretched out holding up a fruit-loop just for me. Who am I to turn down such a tempting offer? It would be just plain rude if I didn’t accept.
It wasn’t until this past Sunday that I realized my mistake. As you sat in front of us asking for your socks to be taken off, I noticed you were given a bag of cheese nips. Again I am not a rude person so I’m not going to very well just reach over and take one. As you sat there, staring at your bag of cheese nips, our eyes met…and you…you said “NO MINE!” and hid the bag from me. Oh dear Abby what have I done? All this time I thought you were offering me a tasty bit of fruit flavored cereal…only to realize you were simply showing me you had one. I apologize…

Charlie Blockhead

I really don’t like cheese nips anyways and you were wearing tights not socks.


teri said...

OMG, poor thing. her, not you. : )

Anonymous said...

I am literally crying from laughter. You know Abby loves ya. Don't worry she offered her daddy a cucumber slice last night and then as he was going for it with his mouth she pulled it back and bit off it!