Monday, January 15, 2007

Beautiful Music

Lucy and I are lucky enough to go to a church that values children of all ages. There is a cry room behind the auditorium and a nursery downstairs, but most of the time you will find these empty.

Sure sometimes it gets loud with all the cries, squeals, and roars (Fred likes to let out the occasional “I AM BABY!! HERE ME AS I PARTAKE ON A MIGHTY CHEERIO” roar). The Church just considers this a sign of growth and families coming together to learn of the power of God.

Sunday a new sound got added to the mix of voices lifting our spirits to God, babies crying to be put down, and the occasional snore from an elderly man. It was a sound that given another time or place would have just been considered gibberish.

As we started the song and Lucy began to sing in Fred’s ear, he too joined in. No he can’t say but a few words. There just must have been something about the sound of everyone’s voice rising and falling around him that made him feel as though he needed to the same.

We thought it was a fluke after the first song, and then as the second began so did Fred. As we sat there surrounded by friends and family, we made not the slightest effort to still his voice. We simply smiled, laughed, and thanked God for this new music we are so grateful to have been blessed with.

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