Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Silent Observer

The lot is empty except for a few stray cars.
If anyone else is in them, the darkness hides their faces.

The backseat is hot from the vents blasting at a level that is too high.

A rock anthem plays in the background, while the baby lays in his car seat oblivious to the location of his current nap.
Daddy is near by. That’s all he needs to know to feel secure.

Time slows down during those brief moments of silence.
There in the dark waiting for her to come back.

She doesn’t know it, but I can see her there.
Through the front glass of the store.
Smiling that smile that causes a chain reaction inside everyone it comes in contact with. Making even the angriest of individuals feel like they must at least try to attempt something that never quite compares.

Her hair is done up just right and the green of her shirt goes perfect with the blue in her eyes. She’s a ways away, but I know what she is saying.
I know her words and how lovely she makes them sound.
A simple “Hi” almost sounds like another language coming from her.
Reminding you of some place you have never been but always meant to journey.
Some place happy.

The silence that currently envelopes me only adds to her beauty.
It’s if I’m watching a silent movie star, performing her art right in front of my eyes.

The baby stirs and I hand him his juice.
He sighs as if he can also see the painting playing out in front of me.
Just beyond his field of vision.

She’s leaving now and I jump out of the car.
She flashes that smile thinking I’m eager to help.
It’s her I’m running towards.
The groceries in her hand may be heavy, but it’s my heart that's full.

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