Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Last Game Of Charades

As I mentioned yesterday I had to take a vacation day (or a Pain & Suffering day as I now call them) because Alex had an ear infection. What made yesterday different from other sick days was that it was historic in that it was the first time Alex could tell us what felt bad.

Obviously he points and pats when he bumps his head or skins his knee, but being as he's still learning his words when a virus or cold comes along up until this point he's not been able to point and say "This hurts". Last night this changed when he looked at Mandy, grabbed his ear, and said "My ear hurts".

Now this may seem like a minor event, but I think it really shows how grown up he's becoming. That one sentence put an end to the guessing game that started with a scream the moment he was born. No longer will there be any doubt as to what he wants or what he likes. The last game of charades has been played.

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