Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Living On Summer Time

Many of you noticed I broke my resolution after 6 months and quit posting for several weeks. I needed a break and honestly time got away from me. During the time off we took Alex to the beach for the first time, enjoyed sometime around the house relaxing, and simply had a ton of family time. As I did yesterday I'll go back so as to share some of the stories from the missing month and attempt to stay current at the same time.

As it stands now we are just two weeks from school starting and change is once again in the air. We've neglected Adam's studies a bit so there's a renewed focus on reminding him of everything he forgot from kindergarten. All the while Mandy & and I are dreading taking Alex back. It's nothing to do with the school, we just wish he could be at home during the day. One upside though is that he won't be roaming the house looking for Adam or his favorite sitters Asia, Anna, and Amber.

Before I go here's a pic of Alex taking his first step on the beach. See you tomorrow!!

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