Thursday, August 09, 2012

Education Trepidation

In less than two weeks the boys will be starting school and for various reasons this year is going to be more than just a little unnerving. Alex is going to be away at daycare and away from Adam for the first time in three months. Vice-versa Adam is going to miss his little shadow as he heads off to the first grade.

Being as this is somewhere around the tenth first day (I'm using fuzzy math there) I've had to face, I can pretty much quote the rules by heart. No flip-flops, no toys, no medicine without a weekly signed slip, no fevers, no rebates for being out a day even though if you are sick they ask you not to come in. Don't come too early. Don't stay too late. Don't forget to pay us on the 15th.

I just wish things could be different. That Alex could stay home and not cry when we drop him off everyday. That Adam could stay this age and stop changing so fast. I wish life could be easier and not such a strain at times. That we could laugh more, worry less, and stay this way forever.

I love baby talk, first steps, trying new foods, playing new sports, going to the splash pad, watching them watch classic movies for the first time. I miss Barney, The Wiggles, Winnie The Poo, and Mickey too. All of these things are getting further and further way with every passing day.

Another first day of school for them means another day lost for us.

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