Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pain & Suffering Day

After a day spent chasing around Alex, taking him to the doctor about an ear infection, going to the grocery store, and taking Adam to a splash pad party, I've decided there needs to be a new category for days off of work.

Vacation days should be for trips to the beach,days spent fishing or playing golf, a family outing to the zoo. They should be reserved for good times.

Personal days should be for those days when life takes an unexpected turn. The air conditioner goes out at home, the basement floods, the car dies. Personal days should be for life crises.

I think there needs to be a set aside number of days for when your child pukes all over you three different times, or runs a fever of 103 yet never stops running around the house like a chicken with it's head cut off, or cries for no reason what so ever.

Trust me it's no vacation keeping up with a sick kid and personal time seems to hint at time spent alone dealing with a problem. I'm thinking these new days should be called Pain & Suffering days. I'm mean honestly somebody has to be suffering for me to use even half of a paid day off and at the end I'm left feeling sick from wearing myself out all day taking caring of someone else.

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