Sunday, August 12, 2012

Splish Splash We Were Taking A Bath

As the father of two boys at times I feel like I've seen it all. Flights of stairs leapt in a single bound. Busted lips. Cracked heads. I've heard them say things that put their intelligence and my sanity in question. I've seen them act like patients in a mental hospital one minute and angels the next. After all I've seen and all I've heard though, I'm always surprised with what they do next.

Taking a bath sounds simple. Water goes in, children get wet, hair is washed, children get dry. Not always....

It's Saturday night and it's just me, the boys, and one simple task i.e take a bath. The boys go into the water and the playing starts. I leave them be for a few minutes to let them have their fun. I return to an inch of water in the floor. Being the Dad I immediately start the scolding. "What were you thinking? Look at this mess!! No more splashing!!"

I leave the room once again. It's quiet for a moment then the laughter starts up full force. After several minutes I decide to wrap the party up. I enter to water in the floor!! I think to myself "They Listened!!". Then I see the water is also gone out of the tub and yet the playing continues. "What are you doing!" " Daaaad you said no more splashing so we let the water out. We are slip & sliding!!" "Adam what about soap..your hairs not even wet" "I didn't know we were supposed to take real baths"

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