Thursday, March 27, 2008

Work'n 9-4:30 What A Way To Make A Live'n

Lucy has been at her new job at the real estate agency for little over two months now and she absolutely loves it. She was at the last place for 9 years and is a much happier person now that she has moved on…..but of course this blog is all about me and I’ve got some issues concerning her new gig.

When you’re in a marriage in which both people work, you look at each other’s jobs and compare how crummy things are.

What did you do today?

I applied credits for six hours straight.

Heh. I got yelled at by a stinky dude with a mullet who couldn’t add up the number of children he’s got.

It’s really important that nobody has too good of a job because it makes things that much harder on the one that suddenly finds themselves with the less than spectacular place of employment.

What did you do today?

I had to pull a proof of delivery on every invoice we sent to Company ABC last year.

Heh. I went to a meeting at the country club for female business leaders and won a mani/pedi!!

See what I mean? The scales have tipped. It’s one thing to complain about work when the other person has it just as bad, it’s a whole other enchilada when you’re the only one griping. Not to mention it makes it worse for the lesser person cause he knows it’s probably not so bad, but look how awesome things are on her much greener side of the mountain.

The only way to deal with this is to look at how happy the other person is and how much more fun they have suddenly become. Specifically speaking, Lucy is bouncing around like a teenager again and I find myself happier than ever because of it. Let’s face it when mama is happy, everybody is happy. She’s laughing at my jokes, eating healthier, asking me to take long walks in the afternoon, meeting me for lunch, and well….well I’ll just leave it at that. LOL


M.KATE said...

interesting reading, will be back often, happy weekend :)

Julie said...

LOL!! It is prob a good thing you left it at that! You crack me up!

Jud said...

Yeah. I totally understand what it's like when your spouse has a cush job. Ha!

Dad Stuff said...

You are absolutely right. When Mamma's happy, everyone is happy. So true.
Good luck at your job.

babooshka said...

It's weh you both have bad day that's the problem.

Just stopped by to say thanks for alerting me to the fact i had been nominated for a b.o.b award. All new to me this blogging lark,and for once it's shut me up.

By the way, do you know who nominated?


FloridaRobot (Jim) said...

Wow can I relate ! My wife works in a beautiful highrise office overlooking Tampa Bay. Her office is professional, clean, and bright. By contrast my office is in a dark dirty converted warehouse with busted furniture - very unprofessional and unorganized. Complete opposites. But what you say is so true. When mama is happy .....

She deserves it and I'm glad. It was just funny seeing someone else write about it right after her and I were laughing about this last night.