Tuesday, March 25, 2008

And The No's Have It

Well the votes are in (no not the BoB's they are still going strong for a few more weeks). I'm talking about the two polls I have been conducting on the sidebar. Here's how they all went down:

Should Fred Get A Hair Cut?         

Yes: 27%

No:   72%

Should Fred Get A Cat?

Yes: 15%

No:   78%

Hamster: 5%

As you can see it seems the NO's have it. Does this mean the golden locks are safe....unfortunately no. What it does mean though is that only a few of them will trimmed and his curls will remain!! After all, they are like his trademark. The cat issue is a different story. Lucy really wants him to have a kitten since Buttons is 12 and not the nicest pet a 2 year-old ever had. The issue is still being kicked around, but your vote may have helped cool the waters. 

Thanks to all that participated and look for more voting opportunities soon!!


willowmanor said...

Read through your blog this morning and really enjoyed it. Adorable pix! I'll have to agree with the "no" votes. ;)

Anonymous said...

I've seen many a kindergarten kiddo with sratches all over them because of cats...but maybe a 2 year old would not bother a cat as much thus not warranting as many scratches.

Sunshine's Mom

Brown Sugar said...

It's too late, I know, but I'm voting
1. Kitten - yes!!
2. Haircut - Exactly what you're going to do! A few curls, and that's it!

AND, thank you very much, Charlie Blockhead! :o)


Ahipara Girl said...

Charlie Blockhead, just read through a few posts and LOVED IT. We have two small males, they keep us insanely preoccupied and as mad as it is, we wouldn't change it for the world. The way you write is very clever and funny and normal and real. I will be showing this blog to my husband.