Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Bath

I know I said I wasn’t going to post again but all this work over at the BoB’s has put the fun back into it. Today I’m wondering how to tell my boss that the reason I was late this morning was because I couldn’t get Fred’s shirt off.

Not that he’ll ask but on the off chance I’d like to have something better for him than “My 2-year old locked his arms in the down position and refused to take his shirt off.”

How can something that small be so strong?

“NO SHIRT!!!” After fighting him for 15 minutes, Lucy’s answer was “Just put him in the bath anyway. The shirt needs washing too.”

He ran around the house for a half hour naked from the waste down threatening to pee on everything from the cat to the coat rack, finally I got it him off him. Then I heard “NO BATH” Once I got the shirt off, this one was easy. Just dunk him and go. Before he even knew he was wet he was out and screaming “NO SHOES”

Meanwhile the clock is ticking for both Lucy and I as we realize the Control Freak (as we are beginning to call him) is about to make us late. That’s when Lucy found the ultimate “get out of the house without having to beat him” card “Don’t you wanna see your girl Drew?”

Drew is this adorable blonde girl that can often be found holding Fred’s hand when Lucy arrives to take him home in the afternoons.

It’s funny to see his face and watch how he deals with questions by saying them out loud.






What can I say dude’s got a thing for the chics man.

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Dad Stuff said...

Now you have some real leverage. I'm sure Drew only likes boys who take baths.