Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Toy Story

We spent most of Saturday putting up the last of the Utility Belt. Little man is growing up quicker than we can keep up and with every month one of our trusted tools gets put up in the attic. No longer can we depend on the swing, bouncy seat, playpen, and jumper to keep him in one spot. Boxes of rattles, bottles, blankies, and boppy pillows are filling up our storages spaces until the day the next child comes along.

Barney is losing his appeal and The Wonder Pets now keep him still the longest. Patches the puppy and Tad the tag along blanket have been replaced with bouncy balls and toy cell phones. This weekend the last remaining weapon left in our arsenal got put out to pasture…goodbye beloved excersaucer.

Off comes the wreath that proudly hung from the door of Lucy’s hospital room and has sense been on Fred’s wall. Down goes the crib he refused to sleep in. Time to take that receiving blanket off its froggie hooks. Soon there will be posters of Superheroes and Cartoon characters adorning his room.

No longer does he want to be held. He hits the door running and never stops until forced to go to bed. Mushy baby food being replaced with pizza and chicken nuggets. Those are my favorite foods…how can he be old enough to split a pizza with?

How do stop you kid from growing up when you’re not ready?


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